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Correct Keyword Optimization Define the position of your Business @ Jirah Networks Inc

Correct Keyword Optimization Define the position of your Business

When we talk about internet marketing or online promotion of the business, the first thing that comes to mind is Keyword searching, which is the main key to gain loads of traffic to your website. If you really want to get indexed in the search engine then keywords research or optimization is the best way to do. Optimizing for the correct keyword decides the position of your business or product in the search engine market.

define keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing keywords touches every aspect of your SEO marketing efforts (Jirah Networks Inc).

  1. Important Keyword Should is placed in Title Tag <Important Keywords>, Meta Description Tag, URL, Website Structure and many more.
  2. Keyword Optimization should be place into your Link Building Strategy
  3. Don’t ignore to optimize keyword in the image on you WebPages. Target keywords should be used in your image “Alt attribute”
  4. Tools For Keyword Suggestion
  5. Correct Keyword Selection helps to gain maximum website traffic, ROI as well.

Keyword searching for the best related keyword for your website is not an easy task as lot of competition is present. So always have those keywords which a user easily thinks of and should be as catchy as can be. Firstly before choosing for the keywords you should study the competition of that particular business with other relatable word phrases. Proper analyzing and studying brings you to the correct words and through this you are truly done the market analysis. Select some of the basic benchmark keywords and then check it with Google Keyword Tool through it you will be able to select the best or say appropriate word. To grow in the search market and if you always want a seat reserved for you in the internet market just make your keywords strong and make it more related to your target  market.  Having more and more keyword brings your website to the top most and will be like having cherry on cake. by Alok Raghuwanshi

Powerful SEO Tips for 2012 | Jirah Networks Inc

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the word online marketing more likely. Google is always changing their algorithms and SEO professionals to rack their brains to work with the latest algorithms. Always good SEO professionals suggest using white hat methods, since it will remain longer in the results of search engines. Here are some tips to follow white hat SEO according to the latest search engine algorithms in 2012.

  • #SEOTips Rich Site Summary Feeds is a excellent way of improving & boasting off page SEO activity
  • #SEOTips #Googlepanda would de-evaluate your page on SERPs if you put to many ads above the fold against content.
  • #SEOTips Using LinkedIn and Google for Prospecting
  • #SEOTips One important new area of focus is enhancing your Google listings via rich snippets.
  • #SEOTips I would strongly suggest in implementing the rel=author and rel=publisher tags, hence using Google+.

rel=author and rel=publisher tags





  • #SEOTips stop using article spinning and directory submission services..
  • #SEOTips Wasting your time on directory submissions, article marketing
  • #SEOTips Google and Bing will give more weight to signals from trusted sources … Google Plus/Profiles
  • #SEOTips Wasting your time on directory submissions, article marketing
  • #SEOTips Top Ten SEO Strategies That Take Your Sites To Google Front Page

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

How to create your Google Hangout Event

How to create your event

List of things to do before you’re event:

  • Come up with a plan/topic for event
  • Sign up to Google+ & add the hangout plug in
  • Create a page for you’re event
  • Create an Eventbright
  • Create a twitter account for promotion
  • Create a Facebook event page
  • Create a hoot suite to control aggressive promotion
  • Downloaded screencasting software

Things to do after you’re event:

  • Upload screencast to YouTube
  • Follow attendees on Twitter
  • Talk about event/say how it went

(You can find an example of a hangout here :

try it and give us an invite @araghuwanshi6

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