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Where Does the Right SEO Strategy Begin?

SEO Strategy Begin

Are you starting in the world of SEO? Welcome! In this post we will clarify the picture and we will explain everything you need to know to implement a strategy that works.

As you know, or maybe you’re finding, along a series of 5 articles I have been introduced in this blog different aspects of the SEO.

And to close the loop, I thought it would be interesting to summarize all of them to give you an overview of how you could start practicing. Keep reading!

Keyword Search

A good choice of Keyword is essential to save your efforts and avoid setting unattainable goals. Therefore, I suggest that the first step is to create a list of Keywords and validate it, trying to figure out which are the ones that can bring qualified visitors.

In the article “How To Do Keyword Research – The Beginners Guide to SEO” Moz explained different methods to help you build your list and see if they can really bring you traffic.

But do not forget that, besides having a reasonable number of searches, these keywords are bringing visitors who really need what you offer.

Keyword Analysis

Once you have your list of relevant keywords and potential qualified traffic, you should analyze its viability. It is trying to figure out which of them would be possible to position your current resources (domain authority, bonds, budget, etc.)

In “The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition: Tips from 35 Experts on Competitive Keyword Analysis” You can learn a simple method to begin familiar with the subject. And I take this opportunity to remind you once again that, in my opinion, any analysis you do with various metrics, you use it to compare Keywords together.

Not you stay stuck in the process of calculating different metrics of different services and creating complex spreadsheets. Unless you’re really competitive Keywords behind, you do not need all that.

If, for example, you decide to simply take into account the Authority’s domain, write the metric of the top 10 results of all your keywords and see which of them can be comparatively easier to position.

You can learn more about some metrics like Mobile Device Usage in the article “21 Metrics for Monitoring SEO Health

SEO on Page

The next step is to optimize your SEO on Page for the keywords you’ve chosen position. This is an important step, but no need to complicate too much.

In the “Roadmap to Improve Your SEO” you have everything you need to make a right on Page SEO. Remember that this optimization must be done for each page using the keywords you want to position on each.

Content Marketing & Promotion

Once you have created your content, you do not sit around waiting for your visitors: promote your items. In the same way that you have very little chance of getting a job if not actively looking, users must know the existence of your items in order to access them.

I recommend you spend more time promoting content and understand its value. If it works in your niche, plus visitors also get backlinks.

Read my article on “Blog Marketing Factors to Improve Your Blog Traffic” to know where to start. I hope that after reading it, understand that it is necessary to promote your content and make this action a habit.

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Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.. Thanks and have an amazing day!

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Direct Targeted Traffic to Your Website without Buying Ads & Clicks – SEO Tips & Tricks

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] – An algorithm designed to impact visibility of web consent through organic search result. SEO is commonly used as a free alternative to PPC [Pay Per Click] advertising.

Search Engine Optimization Tips –

  • Relevant content is fire for your page ranking. The more industry specific content your website has, the more your website will be found, organically.
  • Organic search result is a natural method for locating a webpage. This method will match search terms with relevant content on competing WebPages

ReadImportance of Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Online Business

  • New content is what keeps your page ranked. The best way is blogging/tagging with search engine will trust your website for publishing relevant and new information.
  • Original and unique content brings web searches directly to your website. Unique content can distinguish your Brand, Product and website from companies with the same industry focus and target.

Search Engine Optimization Tricks –

  • Content Is King – Keep relevant and new content flowing constantly adding content so crucial for your ongoing ranking, the most effective way is with a blog attached to your website.
  • No Breaks – The SEO Game is never-ending. You must play often to not only maintain but most importantly to increase your ranking.
  • Stay Updated – Use Google AdWords and Google Analytics to view the monthly searches of which Keyword Phrases Visitors used to find your website.
  • Don’t Duplicate – Search engines (Mainly Google) are able to catch fluff and tamper consider these algorithms as more of an art than a science. Don’t bother trying.

ReadThe Importance of Keyword Research on How to Get Started

  • Use the KE – Use the Keyword effectiveness index equation this gives words a rating based on the number of times a word is searched over web pages showing the word.

Google Penguin

Pulpit rock
The first Panda algorithm was introduced on April 2012. By this update targeted at spam back-links; also coined the ‘Web-spam Update it targeted keyword stuffing…!!

The update was to penalize website using manipulative techniques to achieve high rankings ~ Wikipedia

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Google Panda

Google Panda

The first Panda algorithm was introduced on February 24, 2011. By this algorithm update sites with poor or duplicate content have been pushed back or say got vanished from top search pages. The motive behind this algorithm update was to bring out the importance of Good and high quality content.

In March 2012 Google updated Panda and started that they are deploying and “over optimization penalty,” in-order to level the playing field ~ Wikipedia

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The bottom line is here Google is constantly updating their search algorithm so it is important to make sure your website and SEO strategy is up to date with the most current standards!!

Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Thank you and have a great day.

Powerful SEO Tips for 2012 | Jirah Networks Inc

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the word online marketing more likely. Google is always changing their algorithms and SEO professionals to rack their brains to work with the latest algorithms. Always good SEO professionals suggest using white hat methods, since it will remain longer in the results of search engines. Here are some tips to follow white hat SEO according to the latest search engine algorithms in 2012.

  • #SEOTips Rich Site Summary Feeds is a excellent way of improving & boasting off page SEO activity
  • #SEOTips #Googlepanda would de-evaluate your page on SERPs if you put to many ads above the fold against content.
  • #SEOTips Using LinkedIn and Google for Prospecting
  • #SEOTips One important new area of focus is enhancing your Google listings via rich snippets.
  • #SEOTips I would strongly suggest in implementing the rel=author and rel=publisher tags, hence using Google+.

rel=author and rel=publisher tags





  • #SEOTips stop using article spinning and directory submission services..
  • #SEOTips Wasting your time on directory submissions, article marketing
  • #SEOTips Google and Bing will give more weight to signals from trusted sources … Google Plus/Profiles
  • #SEOTips Wasting your time on directory submissions, article marketing
  • #SEOTips Top Ten SEO Strategies That Take Your Sites To Google Front Page

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search Engine Friendly Webdesign Tips For Your Website

1. Make Sure Your Site Navigation Is Search Engine Friendly

Search engines have a really tough time crawling a website that uses Flash. certainly many different solutions that are all fully Search Engine friendly – best is NO JavaScript – but plain HTML links either in tables on each page example on the right side you see “Site Menu”

Site Menu

Site Menu

2. Place Scripts Outside of the HTML Document

When you are coding your website, make sure you externalize JavaScript and CSS.

JavaScript, CSS Scipt

JavaScript, CSS Scipt

3. Use Content That Search Engine Spiders Can Read

Web Content is the life force of a website, and it is what the search engines feed on. When developing a internet site, creates sure you take into consideration good design for content (headings, sentences, and links).

4. Don’t Neglect Image Alt Attributes

Make sure that all of your image alt attributes are descriptive. All images need alt attributes to be 100% W3C-compliant, but many comply to this requirement by adding just any text. No alt attribute is better than inaccurate alt attributes. It is probably also used in ranking image-based search engines like Google Images.

5. Use Unique Meta Data

Page titles, descriptions, and key phrases should all be different. Many times, web designers will create a template for a website and forget to change out the Meta data

6. Use Heading Tags Properly

Make good use of heading tags in your web page content; they provide search engines with information on the structure of the HTML document

Heading Tags

Heading Tags

7. Friendly URL’s and image filenames

One major thing I have noticed over the past few years is the number of websites that don’t contain friendly URL’s, so an example may be:

A better example for a friendly URL would be:

8. Follow W3C Standards

Search engines love well-formed, clean code (who doesn’t?). Clean code makes the site easier to index, and can be an indicative factor of how well a website is constructed.

Read more Info here…

9. Social: Adding Social Sharing Buttons to Your Site

Social Login:- Allow users to login and register using social providers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo and more

Where to Put Sharing Buttons:-

Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons


 Final Note..

The above points are certainly a must, but one thing to remember especially with search engine optimisation is that continuous work is required to gain great results.

SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the word online marketing more likely. Google is always changing their algorithms and SEO professionals to rack their brains to work with the latest algorithms. Always good SEO professionals suggest using white hat methods, since it will remain longer in the results of search engines. Here are some tips to follow white hat SEO according to the latest search engine algorithms in 2011.

  1. Search and choose the right keywords that drive quality traffic, leads and conversions
  2. Analyze competitors who are successful in similar cases and extract the following methods and keywords are optimized
  3. Choosing the right domain name based geo – ‘. In business targeted in India, ‘com’. For the U.S., England, etc. “”.
  4. Plan a user friendly and search engine design and navigation links for a good architecture
  5. Hire a professional writer to write good quality content contained on the user’s attention, as well as a search engine
  6. Make sure the site has no connection URLs broken the timeout, the time of high load of tools, etc., as Xenu and extensions such as PageSpeed, YSlow will help us develop the site technically clean.
  7. Use the robots.txt file to block all unnecessary pages that are indexed by search engines.
  8. Submit an XML sitemap to search engines Webmaster Tools account and correct errors
  9. Rebuild quality links through the use of white hat link building methods.
  10. Traffic analysis and plan or change strategies to generate quality traffic that converts to sales

Awesome Top Ten SEO Strategies That Take Your Sites To Google Front Page

A full-time technique requires 8 hours of work every day in our link builder. That’s what we’re doing full-time technology….

1. Submit your site to 20 directories every day
2. Submit your home page 20 bookmarking sites (after completing a inner page, we go to the other)
3. Submit each page of the 20 directories of RSS feeds (which could be for a week, depending on the number of pages you have).
4. Submit write up to 10 pages to increase the value of every dayTop 10 SEO link Builder Strategy
5. Submit your press release on six sites daily
6. Submit your site to 20 high-profile forum for public relations as Angela and Paul

7. Submit a video presentation of the two major video sites and then ping your bookmarks and video links
8. Making 10 forum posts for 4 different forums that are related to the keywords every day (you can add your link to the signing of a new account)
9. Making 10-20  comments on do follow blogs which are related to your keywords
10. Submit all connections that were created as links to bookmarks, contacts, and write a press release, links, video links to RSS feeds and ping all

And I have something a little more in between, depending on the type of site you have.Imagine if we continue this for 1-2 months.You’ll get lots and lots of back links – even thousands.

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