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Regarding Google News – Google Sitelinks Extends To 12 Pack

In recent weeks, Google has tested the Sitelinks really big extended in the search results for some queries in recent weeks.

After many trials, finally Google has sent official confirmation that these new large site links are here to stay.

Google extends Web Link:

Google Sitelinks said will be “full-size relationships with a line of text and the URL of the extracts.” The links and excerpts will be very similar to the standard results, so Google says that “c” is even easier to find the section of the site you want. “In addition, Google is increasing the number of site links eight to twelve Sitelinks for such requests.

Here’s a picture:

Google Pack 13

Google Pack 13


Improves the algorithm of Google Sitelinks

Google also said it had made “significant improvements in the algorithms, combining the link site for ranking results rankings on a regular basis to produce a list of links of superior quality.” Google said that “to reduce duplication and create a link to a page of search results better organized.”….Source Search Engine Land

Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

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