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Google Authorship Confirms: Additional link After Hitting Back Button

If users point backs to the search results after reading the author tagged article for a certain period of time, Google will add three more additional links to similar articles referring to the same author below the clicked link.  If the user clicks on the search results with author tagged, and after reading a post on a site, he hits back button to return to the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page), then the original result will show several extended links referring to other content by the same author. But result only triggers if user stayed on the page for some amount of time. Google will add a new “More by Author Name” indicating three more additional links to the article. Refer to Snapshot below:

Authorship Before

Authorship After

If user makes use of back button very quickly or go back to the search result page fast then no extra links will appear, as Google is measuring the time that the user spares on reading that article, if Google thinks that you enjoyed reading the article or was informative then only it will show up extra links. In this case, engagement is measured in the amount of time user spends on that piece of content. This also confirms that creating content that actually engages people and gets read will be an important factor in AuthorRank, as Google obviously wants to show more results from the same author in that event.

Google did, though, confirm that this is part of the authorship feature:

If a user visits an article by an author and it seems like they’d be interested in finding more articles by this author, when they click the “Back” button to return to the results page, we’ll show more results by that author. His article is highly recommended reading.




Exploring 8 SEO Myths You Should Understand

1. SEO is a onetime Strategy: Search Engine Optimization is not a onetime activity; it is a continuous process as website’s search engine performance

8 SEO Myths You Should Understand

SEO Myths You Should Understand

needs regular attention. SEO can never be completed. If you want to see your web pages individually rank in search engine you constantly need to work on its on-page and off-page strategies like Articles, Blogs etc. regularly to get rank well. It’s not onetime task to perform, continuous efforts are leveraged to keep your website live over the search engine.

2. SEO is all about building Links: More Links = Better Ranking: In all recent Google Algorithm, it mainly focused more on quality backlinks rather than quantity. Incoming links from reputable sites is the best thing you can do for your site’s performance; relevancy and quality of links pointing to your site are more valuable and important. Low quality and spam links contains no factor and may result in penalization of site. Having high quality links and related to your product or service is more effective.

3. High Pagerank = Better Search Engine Ranking: Many times people are of the belief that the more the page rank better search engine ranking, perhaps, page rank is just a factor that Google considers when ranking the site. High ranking not only depends on pagerank factors it depends on other factors as well like relevancy, content and good linking strategy etc. So put that same effort in other SEO factors also to enhance website performance.

4. PPC boosts organic result: Both PPC and organic result are different and have their independent importance. PPC does not have any impact in organic ranking as they both are entirely different. PPC increases your business but have no relevancy with organic search results because paid results are different from organic result.

5. Submitting URL to Search Engine: Again there is a belief that submitting URL to search engine is the step to rank well. Your website will automatically get indexed in search engine if it has high quality incoming links. To increase up the rank graph simply build more incoming link. Inclusion in search engines is free and usually automated. Google very often finds and indexes your website as a result of visiting a link contained on another web page (backlinks). Moreover fast indexing of site requires relevant links, content and effective use of keywords.

6. Sitemap.xml will help boost ranking: Sitemaps are very important both for user and search engine as they help in easy navigation of the links and for better understanding of website. But they never help in increasing rank, because it is basically used for crawlers and users to help in understanding site structure and easy go navigation. However, it is best practice to use sitemap in your website.

7. Meta tag description helps your ranking: Meta tag helps search engine to easy understand that what a web page is about, but they do not help much in ranking factor. Meta tags encompass the text which is displayed within your link in search results. They are simply a chance to attract user to your website through stand out description. Including a unique and keyword-rich title and description on each page of a website will help the site rank better in organic search results for those terms.

8. Great Content= Great Rank: Though your website contains good quality content but until you promote or market yourself well to get the attention it deserves. You NEED to perform some efforts to get noticed by search engines. Good content is necessary, but you need to optimize your site as well for your content to get noticed and ranked accordingly and get maximum results. As undoubting fact “Content is King” is absolutely correct but without optimization it has no significance.

SEO can be more managed quickly if you hire professional seo expert to do it for you. They know what to do. They know the goals and they can offer. Working with professional seo expert will other SEO Myths. Thanks and have an amazing day! Follow him on TwitterGoogle + & Pinterest.




13 Things to Love About “GOOGLE” That Are Free

[Infographic] – Brief History of Search Engine and SEO

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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO – Infographic

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword searching for the best related keyword for your website is not an easy task as lot of competition is present. So always have those keywords which a user easily thinks of and should be as catchy as can be. Firstly before choosing for the keywords you should study the competition of that particular business with other relatable word phrases. Proper analyzing and studying brings you to the correct words and through this you are truly done the market analysis. Select some of the basic benchmark keywords and then check it with Google Keyword Tool through it you will be able to select the best or say appropriate word. To grow in the search market and if you always want a seat reserved for you in the internet market just make your keywords strong and make it more related to your target  market.  Having more and more keyword brings your website to the top most and will be like having cherry on cake. 

Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Thanks and have an amazing day! Follow him on TwitterGoogle + & Pinterest. The original authors and not by Search Engine Land. Want your infographic featured? See this page




Welcome Back Keywords Meta Tag For News Websites

On 19-Sept-2012, Google has announced the brand new Meta tag called the “news_keyword”. The purpose behind news_keywords meta tag is to “empower news writers to express their stories freely while helping Google News to properly understand and classify that content so that it’s discoverable by our wide audience of users” according to Rudy Galfi, Google News Product Manager. The Google News blog  states that it will be an additional way for Google Crawlers to categorize an article for Search Engine and Google News.

News_keywords metatag code looks like:

<meta name=”news_keywords” content=”World Cup, Brazil 2014, Spain vs Netherlands” >

News keywords or each phrase must be separated by commas and you can add up to ten phrases for a given article. Here all keywords empower same value. For instance, it’s nothing like first keyword are given more value all keywords are given equal value. The Google blog explains the development Similar in spirit to the plain keywords metatag, the news_keywords metatag lets publishers specify a collection of terms that apply to a news article. These words don’t need to appear anywhere within the headline or body text. 

Quick Few Tips to implement news_keywords Meta tag:

  • Commas are used to separate keywords and this is the only punctuation allowed in this field.
  • All keyword empower same value.
  • Keywords can be used to clarify between like terms. This is possibly the most useful feature of the new tag; publishers can notify Google when an article is not relevant to a similar topic.
  • Each article you can add up to ten phrases.

For more information on the news_keyword tag, see Google’s Help article on the topic.

Amazing Link Building Strategies During Panda & Penguin

Effective Link Building StrategyIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Online Marketing activity, backlinks are the prestigious and most powerful asset. Building natural links helps to brings websites on top of the SERPs. But with the change in time, Search Engine keeps on updating the Algorithms to avoid Spam Links and to push back low quality link sites. Therefore, it’s important to continually engage in smart link building strategies that are bound to yield positive results. Some of the highly effective Link building Strategies are:

Quality Content Is Still King: Unique content is the key for impactful and effective link building. If you build links but your content is not fresh and unique it doesn’t have any value. But on the other if your content provides value, you’ll gain natural links from other sites and no algorithm can beat that. Remember “Content is King” so never adapt duplicate and scrap content for link building Strategy. Avoid below content creation for the website:

  • Duplicate content with just keywords changed.
  • Stuffed keywords without minding the normal keyword density and whether they fit the context.
  • Meaningless or diverting content that does not help reader and do not offer relevant information to their queries.

Interlinking: The easiest strategy to implement quality link is interlinking which refers to link within the site. You have pages and posts on your website, so make the most of them to enhance your link profile and add value to your site or blog. It also helps in gaining authority on SERP and becomes easier for spiders to catch for new content. This is a great way to build organic links and provide more information to your audience.

Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is the most reliable and authentic way to make one way dofollow backlink. The only thing you need is to write up quality content and posting them on other blogs it’s the most favorite backlinking strategy of the search engines. You can find high PR blogs that prefer guest blogging. All in all, guest blogging is a very good way to build some backlinks for your blog. Usually when you drop a guest post on a blog, you will be allowed at least two links pointing back to your website; theses links are the one of the easiest and safest back links you can ever have pointing to your blog.

Importance of Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Online Business

Directory Submission: Directory submissions have always been a great way to build links and still are pretty important. Look for free quality directories that facilitate one-way link building and submit your website in order to get a link.

Social Bookmarking: Another popular way to build effective backlinks is the Social Bookmarking. Make sure you provide quality and original content to the top Bookmarking Sites like:

  • Delicious
  • Stumble Upon
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Tumblr

Leverage Social Media: Social Networking is the best platform to as it helps in earning links, boost your traffic, creating brand awareness and enhancing your reputation. Make use of top social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus etc. as these are the best places used to publicize your website. Although it do not help in improving your page rank, but aids in building new contacts and links.

Engage in Conversations: Whenever you find content or blog relevant with your Niche then participate in the conversation with the author and other readers via Comments. Look up for websites in your niche, and leave fresh, useful and informative comments. As you leave comment you are creating a new backlink to your site.

Profile Links: Being registered on the sites that have high domain authority and Page rank also adds links builds authority and trust of your site. Building profile links is one of the most effective ways to drive qualified traffic to your website and boost your popularity on the Internet.3

Blog Commenting: By far one of the proven methods of effective link building. Search out for blogs with a good amount of readers, great content and dofollow comment links. Leave a comment on that blog with keywords along with your real name and your Blog URL. And you can comment on other high PR do-follow blogs to build some quick backlinks too.

Link Building Tips:

  • Do not build links too fast.
  • Use different and varied Keywords.
  • Vary your linked Pages.
  • Build Natural and Quality Links
  • Focus on Quality not Quantity
  • Diversify Your Anchor Texts

Building backlinks is a must if you want your website to generate profits for you in terms of traffic as well as money. Building links on high quality sites, blogs etc are most efficient and effective for better ranking. The 3 essential things when building links to niche sites is link diversity, link relevancy, and the domain authority of the links so be more focused on High PR sites.

Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Thanks and have an amazing day!

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