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It’s Official: YouTube Says Goodbye to Google+ Profile

Starting today, any comments you make on the YouTube videos will no longer appear in your Google+ profile, and the company announced it will suffice with a Google account to share content, create a YouTube channel and save your photos.

YouTube Drops Google

Comments you make on Google+ YouTube now disassociated themselves only, you still need to create a profile or upload videos channel, so Google recommends not delete your profile or lose all your YouTube content.

YouTube says it has improved the comments ranking system (in order to show only the most relevant content) and unlinked YouTube comments with profiles. The channels of moderation options remain unchanged.


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Important Internet Marketing Factor in 2012 – Social Media | Google Plus | SEO

Social Media

Important factor in 2012 for rank Web sites in Google, Bing and Yahoo not only as social media, it makes sense that a very popular Web site higher in the search engine ratings should be, and this is what happens in 2012, what to like Facebook Twitter followers, the amount you have visited diggs or reddit and popular social bookmarking websites will all have a large role in how your Web site becomes popular, others.

SEO Trends for - 2012

SEO Trends

Google Plus +

Google ++ is a social network, that it was essentially developed by Google originally to help fight against Facebook online. In early 2012, Matt Cutts announced that Google might be including any Google and content in the results of search engines. What this means for the marketers, is that if someone in your network shares a link that is relevant to what you were seeking, it could be listed in the results of search engine Google and you might actually get organic traffic to it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization and is this process you use in getting your pages to place well on search result.

Generally SEO define into two categories.

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page Optimization

1. On-Page Optimization:

In On-Page Optimization you need to put the keyword phrase in the title tag, in the meta description and in meta keywords. You also need to have keywords phrase in the content of your webs-pages.

On-Page SEO is mainly focused around website content, site structure, keyword usage in titles, headings and images, along with internal and external link usage. 

Google wants to keep its customers happy to return to the relevant searches. Optimize your page for a specific keyword help not only your website ranking, but to the user, which are looking for their website, that finally keeps the previous happy Google and customers back.

2. Off-Page Optimization: 

In Off-Page Optimization the specific action you take outside of your web-pages to increase your search engine position.

Finally, search engine optimization is now more than ever in 2012, favoring slow and steady. In earlier times, it was to rank a website, it would not be uncommon to build thousands of links at once and have your site shoot straight to the first page of Google. However, do this in 2012 and you immediately want to set off alarms, and Google would classify your site as a spam website, and send you to the sandbox. To avoid this, build links to a slower, more natural rate, and more important, do this consistently!


How Can I Start Using Google plus

Google has launched new social networking Google Plus. It’s just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. Here I discuss some tips to start Google Plus….

  • You can also display Google ads in Google Gmail account.With Google plus you can share with anyone.Restrict the sharing, you can change the profile settings for the sharing of user profile of Google and privacy settings. Just Google Account privacy settings, click “Edit visibility” and then adjust the settings for how you want to make them public.
How to get started with Google plus

How to get started with Google plus

  • Google Plus, you can separate who you are sharing information. You can delete any post-resharing after submission. Click on the top right, and then remove the resharing.
How to get started with Google plus

How to get started with Google plus

  • Google Plus has an additional feature that Facebook is not. The function allows users to share things with those who do not follow. This allows you to control incoming feeds as well.
  • Circle system by Google plus, in addition allows users to set up barriers between different groups of people you want to share things with. In addition, you can easily click through the profile pictures of other users.
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