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Content Without Many Inbound Links – Matt Cutts!!

How Does Google Determine Quality Content if There Aren't a Lot of  Links to a Post?

In a new webmaster help video, Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts treated this time a question with a surprising answer. How Does Google Determine Quality Content if There Aren’t a Lot of  Links to a Post?

According to the interpretation of Matt Cutts, Google seems to face many difficulties if your site does not have external links. Matt Cutts said that Google before you go to visit your website, the search engine has to work before considering how to link, we see the words on the page like.

Matt explains that you need to assess site content based on the words on the page and often this work further. In a certain scale, the more likely of interest to the page from that word.

Google uses many factors to determine the domain name of your valuable or not, it brings value to the link.

Without links, Google is simply looking at the quality of content on the site, this stuff might not be enough depending on the quality of competitive keyword phrases.

To hear Matt’s full explanation, please see the video below ..

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