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10 Best SEO Benefits for WordPress Blog @araghuwanshi6

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SEO Benefits for WordPress Blog

WordPress the most popular blogging platform due to presence of various features and functions with different themes, plugins, widgets and other extensions for providing easy blog maintenance. It is customizable, user friendly and extensible and most important it ranks well over the search engine. There are many things you need to work upon to ensure that your blog receives great number of web traffic.

Define Category: Before posting content on your blog categorize it according to the topic. WordPress blog provides you with the feature of defining the category. Posting content under relevant category is best to be searched and get found.

Amazing/ Impactful Content: Your blog post content eventually must be amazing and must be out of the box. It should be attractive and covers all the related and important points about the particular topic. As said “Content Is King” so content must have some x-factor to grab user and also be SEO friendly

Configure Permalinks: These determine structure of URL; it is the link that search engine uses to identify your blog posts or articles. Set your permalinks optimally for SEO as it makes easier for the search engines to read your content, and you’ll rank better for your keywords.

Keyword Research: Selecting keywords relevant to your niche are the core to SEO optimization. The more accurate and specific the keyword is better the chances of traffic to your blog. Make efficient use of your keywords all over the blog.

Optimize images with Alt Attribute: Optimizing image for search engine is gaining a chance to rank well.  Including alt tag in your image describes the image as search engine do not read images. Add keyword in the alt tag that is descriptive and unique.

Optimize Tags: Meta tag description should be related description of your content and must include keywords. Be brief in describing as this is the text that appears in search engine when user searches for a particular search.

Build Back links: Good quality link building gives you remarkable boost to search engine ranking for your blog as back links help you to build your page rank. The more strong back links the more the chances of high ranking of your blog.

Internal Linking Structure: Linking Structure means to always have link of other pages or posts of your own blog. Make use of anchor text and also your blog posts should be linked to other blog posts.

Bookmark Your Content: Every time you create a new post make it shareable through social bookmarking sites. Expanding your blog content will bring more traffic and make it noticeable on Social platforms.

Maintain Breadcrumb Structure: Breadcrumb structure helps in easy navigation of your blog. It shows user how to go to different pages in hierarchy form, and also helps crawler to know your blog structure. Wordpress SEO Services by (Alok Raghuwanshi)

SEO Over-Optimization Alerts You Need to Know

Over Optimization Penalty

Every website owner works on their SEO strategy to rank well on search engine and increase their traffic. To rank high, proper SEO technique should be adapted, rather going for unethical techniques which are highly punishable by the Google naming, over optimization penalty. The reason for penalty is simple and easy understandable, as Google do not want to rank or give high and visible rankings to crappy sites which are not according to Google ranking factors. Search engines penalize or ban sites as their goal is to present the most relevant search results to their users.

There may be any reason why website receives a penalty like, Over Optimization, keyword stuffing, Spamming or having hidden text on your site and many more. Over Optimization brings your website under penalty; which hampers your website position, ranking factors etc.

Factors which defines Over Optimization:

Keyword Stuffing: Excessive or repeated use of targeted keyword all over the webpage. Only 2-3% keyword presence is considered as a good sign of Ethical SEO.

Cloaking: Creating different page for search engine and entirely different for user results in cloaking i.e., different content is visible to search engine and other to user for the same page again results in black hat technique.

Duplicate Content: Google never ranks for copied or scrap content. It only index pages with high quality and unique content. So duplication simply penalizes your website which again due to Over Optimization. Don’t create multiple pages, sub domains, or domains with exactly duplicate content.

Link Spamming: Linking to sites which are under penalty by Google brings down your trust over search engine. Back links having same anchor text and all pointing to main URL also comes under Google penalization.

Fast Link Building: Building links too quickly affects the website so average 5-10 new links to your site each day is part of Ethical SEO.

Hidden Text: Text which is only created for search engine to empower SEO but this text is not visible to the user. This text is written in white paragraph for the white background.

Automated Query Penalty: Don’t send automated queries to Google, as penalties can sometimes be applied if particularly such queries are made from the same IP address that hosts your website

Doorway Pages: Pages that are created just for gaining popularity over search engine, these offer no navigation options to the browser can and only be found if someone happens upon them from a search query.

Quick Checklist for Over Optimized Website

  • Over optimized title tags
  • Ugly site design
  • Doorway Pages
  • Weak/ Low Quality content
  • Low Relevancy
  • Keyword-rich internal links
  • Domain name is keyword
  • Too similar Anchor texts
  • Too many redirects

Most of Google’s penalties are automatic, and once you remove the offending factors, the penalties will be automatically being cleared. This process may at least take a month, but at last the penalties will be removed. To increase up the process, you can also search for high quality, trusted sites which link to your site. This will give your site Trust Rank factors and help your site recover from Google Penalty quicker and more efficiently. It is helpful to look at Google’s webmaster guidelines also and have good amount of access to forums that provide assistance. In this manner, Google penalty can be avoided and ensure that the SEO process will run effectively.

Strategy to follow for Social Media Presence with SEO

Social Media Profile Use to Increase your ROI

Promote & Participate

Social media websites have become a part of everyone’s life these days, and people are communicating through these networks all across the globe. Social Media Profile can widely be used to increase search engine rankings and strong presence, which also improves our SEO efforts. To achieve best result Social Media need to be paired with SEO. Adapting combined social media marketing and SEO strategies can help to increase the ranking of your website. Social Media is quick in terms of gaining popularity with SEO. Like SEO, Social media optimization work also must be consistent, managed daily, authentic and measured for success of business.

SMO attributes which enhance organic SEO:

1. Company Blog Creation.

2. Having business profile page on Google+

3. Videos of company on YouTube.

4. Twitter business account creation.

5. Face book fan page creation.

6. LinkedIn Company page to make people aware of your business.

7. Slide share for products presentation.

Social Media delivers following benefits:

  • Primarily, it brings networks together, when you add a contact your network gets distributed i.e., your network expands.
  • It is one of the most effective tools for publishing updates of your business to group instantaneously.
  • You gain higher search engine visibility than your competitors.
  • Attract relevant inbound links from other websites.
  • Generates qualified leads for sales.
  • Drive targeted traffic to a website or blog cost effectively.
  • Your website gets higher search engine rankings.

Strategy to follow for Social Media Presence with SEO:

Optimize for Right Keywords: Social media links are highly effective when our targeted keyword is very competitive, especially for mid to long tail keywords.  If our aim is to rank for highly competitive keywords then Social media websites can help push those great keywords and anchor text, link building strategy is also recommended to compliment your social media marketing efforts.

Build SEO- Friendly Profile: Make sure your business profile page contain relevant content and links. Use your titles as they will be the shown on many social media sites and these only helps to draw attention of people to click your links and re-share your work. Include images and business videos on your content which adds an impact on your Profile.

Promote & Participate: Integrate yourself in Social Sites, share quality content and equally participate with the customers involving. Be active in social media sites as people will start recognizing you and your brand online which will help you build good SEO. Your involvement here will lead to make people aware of new products and services, and to help also help customers in every possible way.

Create a Plan to Execute: Daily Updates and regular adding of Content on Social Networking Sites influences your Search Ranking. Execute all these actions considering relevancy of the Title, Keywords which are basics of SEO, and perform frequent actionable plan for getting more effective result on your combined SEO/SMO strategy.

In essence, it’s important to remember that a good social media plan is part of a good SEO strategy. Effective SEO and Social Media activity ensures search visibility and trust over search engine.

Managing Your Online Reputation Using SEO & Social Media – 2012 Edition

Online Reputation Using SEO & Social Media

Don’t be Jealous, Try to Match the Achievement

With the growing popularity of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. communication and interaction with outside world has become easier and faster, and we can be connected to millions of people at single time. This phenomenon is good for upgrading Business and creating your Reputation online. If we are running SEO campaign for our business then emerging Social Media with it complements our Online Marketing. Social Media is a growing step where Customers share their experiences, about the product which limelight’s your business. Managing the reputation of business online is challenging, but also viable job to conduct as growth and enhancement of business somehow depends on it. Maintain your online reputation on the social web; grow your brand name for future business.

Strategy for Managing Online Reputation:

  • Engage your business in variety of social-media Profiles to provide users with a sense of community.
  • Reach all your customers, prior or new and provide them with all your new business products and offers.
  • Build new followers and users by offering best of business services; which in return increase your brand name.
  • Enhance business reputation by making your consumers in social media participation on important forum for conversations within your range of business.
  • Ensure consistency in brand messages and products offering and utilize best of social media across to promote your business.

Nine Alert & Notifier Websites To Keep Tracking your brand Online Reputation..

  • Twitter alerts – Twitter application that enables you to receive regular email alerts of tweets containing your brand, product, service.
  • Yotify – Users can find anything from job listings to products or events and receive updates.
  • Video-Alerts – Set up your own alerts to find out about new YouTube videos.
  • Pingdom  – Pingdom is a website monitoring service. In short, monitor sites and servers on the Internet, alerting the site owners if we detect a problem
  • Conference Alerts – Find details about academic conferences worldwide.
  • SocialOomph – Social Media Productivity – Unlock the Auto-Follow & Auto-DM features of your
  • Marketing Grader – HubSpot launches a free new tool to help you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your entire marketing program
  • Google Alerts – Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.
  • LinkedIn SIGNAL – Signal provides the most recent conversations, opinions, and trending link.

Resources for tracking online reviews

Resources for finding your online property

Key Factor to Protect Your Online Reputation

Brand Name: This denotes your company name; deliver brand related messages which are consistent, impactful, reliable and positive. Maintain brand position in front edge of Social Media platform on continuous process, which will also creates awareness and also gives a chance to consumers for sharing their relationship or experience with your Brand.

Interaction with Consumers: Be active in conversations with your communities and consumers; Respond them at a high speed with an advanced determined approach so that can turn into business opportunities. Share content which is highly interactive and self engaging, so that consumers feel involved and participate with the flow of information.

Building Customer Relationships: For growing your business to strong and powerful brand firstly company must build authenticity and trust, on which further engaging and involvement of people depends. Maintaining strong relations builds expectation for future reference.

Social media networks offer an excellent way to stay in touch with consumers and also help to build your network and grow corporate brand in a positive way. Mostly people now rely on Social Sites to judge the overall quality of the brand, and based on their response and comments Consumer become more empowered to your products and services. Having a positive and reliable Online Reputation determines your business growth and your Brand functionality and Smoothness. Hire professionals SEO expert to your SEO Campaigns.

Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Thanks and have an amazing day!

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Social Media Enhances SEO – Encourage the Mashup

Social media optimization (SMO) is relatively new and is equally important as SEO. The concept behind Social Media Optimization

Social Media Enhances SEO Mashup

Encourage the Mashup

is to optimize website so that it is more easily linked, more visible in social media searches. The area we focus on is online Communities, Social networking platforms forums to increase visibility. Social Media Optimization in essence, is growing up and hitting the big time at several recent events on web marketing. As we involve SMO as a part of Internet marketing strategy, it establishes and strengthens our brand appeal.

With social media optimization, we increase brand awareness, leads, sales and traffic, also can gain more followers on social media sites. If you’re optimizing a website in order to rank higher, you can’t ignore social media, as it increases your backlinks and content mentions. By updating your business latest advertisements campaign and trends on social media platform you cover new audience and build a new market. Combining search engine optimization and social media optimization will deliver targeted results for your website.

  • Facebook – Interacting with your customers and encourage them to share their testimonials and share them with their friends.
  • Twitter – Keep your customers up-to-date with your deals, new blog posts, and Current news.
  • LinkedIn – Communicate with other businesses and highlight your professional associations.
  • Google+ – Keep your followers in the loop and spread your brand awareness and products.
  • Pinterest – Depending on your business, you may want to try this trendy new site that allows visitors to clip your photos/images and pin them.



  • Bookmarking and tagging:  Create new exciting interesting content on hand that people will want to bookmark, link to retweet, stumble etc. Make it easy accessible for visitors to find your content. Once they find it you will have a better possibility of gaining traffic and sharing it with others.



  • Make your ContentTravel: If you want to optimize your Social Media existence then, outstanding content rules here. Content should be highly standardized, unique and most important different from other competitors.Make it easy and shareable on social media sites.
  • Encourage the Mashup: Sharing and syndicating content through RSS helps in driving traffic. Creating YouTube videos that people will want to link to is great but makes sure YouTube videos should be social media friendly. The best way to optimize your content for the social media platform is to let others take a piece of your published content and use it for their own means.

Benefits You Get Through SMO:

  • Reach Masses of online users.
  • Market business product and services.
  • Brand Building and Awareness.
  • Satisfied customers will recommend your services and help share your brand and services.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Create fans and followers.
  • Helps to your target audience.
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