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10 Best SEO Benefits for WordPress Blog @araghuwanshi6

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SEO Benefits for WordPress Blog

WordPress the most popular blogging platform due to presence of various features and functions with different themes, plugins, widgets and other extensions for providing easy blog maintenance. It is customizable, user friendly and extensible and most important it ranks well over the search engine. There are many things you need to work upon to ensure that your blog receives great number of web traffic.

Define Category: Before posting content on your blog categorize it according to the topic. WordPress blog provides you with the feature of defining the category. Posting content under relevant category is best to be searched and get found.

Amazing/ Impactful Content: Your blog post content eventually must be amazing and must be out of the box. It should be attractive and covers all the related and important points about the particular topic. As said “Content Is King” so content must have some x-factor to grab user and also be SEO friendly

Configure Permalinks: These determine structure of URL; it is the link that search engine uses to identify your blog posts or articles. Set your permalinks optimally for SEO as it makes easier for the search engines to read your content, and you’ll rank better for your keywords.

Keyword Research: Selecting keywords relevant to your niche are the core to SEO optimization. The more accurate and specific the keyword is better the chances of traffic to your blog. Make efficient use of your keywords all over the blog.

Optimize images with Alt Attribute: Optimizing image for search engine is gaining a chance to rank well.  Including alt tag in your image describes the image as search engine do not read images. Add keyword in the alt tag that is descriptive and unique.

Optimize Tags: Meta tag description should be related description of your content and must include keywords. Be brief in describing as this is the text that appears in search engine when user searches for a particular search.

Build Back links: Good quality link building gives you remarkable boost to search engine ranking for your blog as back links help you to build your page rank. The more strong back links the more the chances of high ranking of your blog.

Internal Linking Structure: Linking Structure means to always have link of other pages or posts of your own blog. Make use of anchor text and also your blog posts should be linked to other blog posts.

Bookmark Your Content: Every time you create a new post make it shareable through social bookmarking sites. Expanding your blog content will bring more traffic and make it noticeable on Social platforms.

Maintain Breadcrumb Structure: Breadcrumb structure helps in easy navigation of your blog. It shows user how to go to different pages in hierarchy form, and also helps crawler to know your blog structure. Wordpress SEO Services by (Alok Raghuwanshi)

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