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Links, Content & RankBrain, Google’s Next Ranking Factor


Links, Content & RankBrain, Google's Next Ranking Factor

In a recent video from Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev finally Confirms the Links, Content & RankBrain, Google’s Next Ranking Factor.

You can see the whole session of questions and answers below. All video is very interesting and lasts 30 minutes.

What is RankBrain?

Google uses a machine learning technology (English: “machine learning”) to display your search results. We also know that this new algorithm Google RankBrain is today the third most important position signal according to Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

How will the Google SEO RankBrain?

Looking to SEO, implementation of this new algorithm is not something harmful or difficult things, but on the contrary, could help better position the quality content. Moreover, with the emergence of RankBrain, we could be talking about keywords charged less importance, giving greater importance to complementary content that is closely linked to the main theme.


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