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Update – Google’s John Mueller On Improving URL Removals on Third Party Websites

google's john muellerIn a recently Google Webmaster Blog Post, John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Introduced “Improved URL Removal Tool For Third Party”.

John Mueller offered points on what you should do at the start of removal request.

This tool is useful for removals on other peoples’ websites. You could use this tool if a page has been removed completely, or when it was just changed and you require having the snippet & cached page removed. If you are the webmaster of the website, then applying the Webmaster Tools URL removal feature is quicker& less complicated.

To remove entire webpage, it is required to have a proper HTTP result code (403, 404 OR 410), noindex robots meta tag, robots.txt file that is blocking the page, When you will entered the URL in the URL removal Tool, The Google analysis tool will be confirm that the particular page is no longer there.

The tool is available at and looks like this:

General URL Removal

Just in case web pages was not taken off, you can makes use of the same tool, Making use of the Webmaster Tools URL removal feature is very simple for the real owners of the website. Visit the tool and type in a phrase that no longer appears to the live web page and Google will get it from there.

To get more detailed & information about this new tool please read the most recent post on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

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