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Strategy to follow for Social Media Presence with SEO

Social Media Profile Use to Increase your ROI

Promote & Participate

Social media websites have become a part of everyone’s life these days, and people are communicating through these networks all across the globe. Social Media Profile can widely be used to increase search engine rankings and strong presence, which also improves our SEO efforts. To achieve best result Social Media need to be paired with SEO. Adapting combined social media marketing and SEO strategies can help to increase the ranking of your website. Social Media is quick in terms of gaining popularity with SEO. Like SEO, Social media optimization work also must be consistent, managed daily, authentic and measured for success of business.

SMO attributes which enhance organic SEO:

1. Company Blog Creation.

2. Having business profile page on Google+

3. Videos of company on YouTube.

4. Twitter business account creation.

5. Face book fan page creation.

6. LinkedIn Company page to make people aware of your business.

7. Slide share for products presentation.

Social Media delivers following benefits:

  • Primarily, it brings networks together, when you add a contact your network gets distributed i.e., your network expands.
  • It is one of the most effective tools for publishing updates of your business to group instantaneously.
  • You gain higher search engine visibility than your competitors.
  • Attract relevant inbound links from other websites.
  • Generates qualified leads for sales.
  • Drive targeted traffic to a website or blog cost effectively.
  • Your website gets higher search engine rankings.

Strategy to follow for Social Media Presence with SEO:

Optimize for Right Keywords: Social media links are highly effective when our targeted keyword is very competitive, especially for mid to long tail keywords.  If our aim is to rank for highly competitive keywords then Social media websites can help push those great keywords and anchor text, link building strategy is also recommended to compliment your social media marketing efforts.

Build SEO- Friendly Profile: Make sure your business profile page contain relevant content and links. Use your titles as they will be the shown on many social media sites and these only helps to draw attention of people to click your links and re-share your work. Include images and business videos on your content which adds an impact on your Profile.

Promote & Participate: Integrate yourself in Social Sites, share quality content and equally participate with the customers involving. Be active in social media sites as people will start recognizing you and your brand online which will help you build good SEO. Your involvement here will lead to make people aware of new products and services, and to help also help customers in every possible way.

Create a Plan to Execute: Daily Updates and regular adding of Content on Social Networking Sites influences your Search Ranking. Execute all these actions considering relevancy of the Title, Keywords which are basics of SEO, and perform frequent actionable plan for getting more effective result on your combined SEO/SMO strategy.

In essence, it’s important to remember that a good social media plan is part of a good SEO strategy. Effective SEO and Social Media activity ensures search visibility and trust over search engine.

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