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Social Media Optimization Campaign For A Website

With the creation of SMM (Social Media Marketing), it has become important for every business to look into SMO (Social Media Optimization). Also, the seo professionals all worldwide have begun involving into web 2. 0 visitors creating methods. With all of the web social networking and 2.0 web pages on www, the greatest problem that comes to brain is – how one should progress to do a Social Media Optimization camapign for a business web site/client ?

Here is a shorter and easy SMO manual for you all: I think I shall start with the definition of Social Media Optimization, It will be beneficial for the beginners:

  1. Make Your Company’s Profile in Social Networking websites like Facebook, Tweets, Myspace, Friendfeed etc. Never do extremely marketing and advertising and try to do mix of (20-80 ratio) marketing and advertising and beneficial tutorial/news.
  2. Create a Blog with your business area like or and start creating about the issues appropriate to your site.
  3. Post your Site’s RSS Feed to RSS Feed Direcotries – Check the Full List of RSS Feed Directories
  4. Write a Press Release (at least once a month) and publish it to Press Release sites like ideamarketers,,,,, free press release etc.
  5. Submit the Press Release or Blog Post URLs at sites like digg, delicious, reddit, ready2beat, mixx etc.
  6. Add Social Media sites Gadget in your website.
  7. Add your Blog to Blog Search Engines/Directories like technorati, etc.
  8. Make some video tutorials and post on video sharing sites like facebook,,, vids.myspace, esnips, dailymotion, bust, vimeo etc. Watermark your Site’s URL in each Video.


Why You Need Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization or SMO is about to establish a strong presence on popular social media sites. It is not simply to drive traffic directly to your own website, but will also improve your search engine rankings that lead to greater indirect circulation. The key is that when you have an enhanced presence on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks, the more people will be able to find you.

Social media sites can be searched. As people use search engines like Google to find information on the Internet, they also use social media pages to find people and information. And every day more and more people are seeking in this way. This is the trend in the future. And social media is becoming the top using the latest mobile equipment of high technology. If your practice is not a relevant presence in social media networks, you miss the opportunity to reach potential new patients.

The most popular social media sites include:

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • FriendFeed
  • Jaiku
  • MySpace
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin

If the tweet, a link, fan, friend, voice mail, message, video or blog entry – a new strategy is now necessary to improve present practices online……

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