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Search Engine Optimization Technical Issues

First of all we analyze technical issue regarding your website like Canonical Url – Domain Level, Duplicate Domain, Internal Duplicate URLs, Search Engine Un-Friendly URLs (dynamic,+?,=), Redirection ‘s , Page level Issue (dead pages, Orphan Pages), On-body Factors (heavy use of CSS, Mouse-Over  Effect), Sitemap (html, xml), Linking Strategy.

Canonical Url – Domain Level:  Google consider WWW and non-WWW version of domains as two independent websites and index them separate, thus creating a duplicate website problem.

Duplicate Domain: When two different domains contain same design and identical layout and thus are categorized as duplicate websites by search engines.

Internal Duplicate URLs: Search engines do not like duplicate pages.

Search Engine Un-Friendly URLs:  Search engines do not like dynamic URLs mainly because of the presence of variables such as “? +, =” which creates a continuous loop

Cloaking: In this section URLs showing one page to search engine spider and different page to a human visitor. It’s a way of black hat seo technique

Doorway Pages: Once the visitor reaches the pages, they are than redirected to another website. Search engine do not like this type of pages.


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