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SEO Over-Optimization Alerts You Need to Know

Over Optimization Penalty

Every website owner works on their SEO strategy to rank well on search engine and increase their traffic. To rank high, proper SEO technique should be adapted, rather going for unethical techniques which are highly punishable by the Google naming, over optimization penalty. The reason for penalty is simple and easy understandable, as Google do not want to rank or give high and visible rankings to crappy sites which are not according to Google ranking factors. Search engines penalize or ban sites as their goal is to present the most relevant search results to their users.

There may be any reason why website receives a penalty like, Over Optimization, keyword stuffing, Spamming or having hidden text on your site and many more. Over Optimization brings your website under penalty; which hampers your website position, ranking factors etc.

Factors which defines Over Optimization:

Keyword Stuffing: Excessive or repeated use of targeted keyword all over the webpage. Only 2-3% keyword presence is considered as a good sign of Ethical SEO.

Cloaking: Creating different page for search engine and entirely different for user results in cloaking i.e., different content is visible to search engine and other to user for the same page again results in black hat technique.

Duplicate Content: Google never ranks for copied or scrap content. It only index pages with high quality and unique content. So duplication simply penalizes your website which again due to Over Optimization. Don’t create multiple pages, sub domains, or domains with exactly duplicate content.

Link Spamming: Linking to sites which are under penalty by Google brings down your trust over search engine. Back links having same anchor text and all pointing to main URL also comes under Google penalization.

Fast Link Building: Building links too quickly affects the website so average 5-10 new links to your site each day is part of Ethical SEO.

Hidden Text: Text which is only created for search engine to empower SEO but this text is not visible to the user. This text is written in white paragraph for the white background.

Automated Query Penalty: Don’t send automated queries to Google, as penalties can sometimes be applied if particularly such queries are made from the same IP address that hosts your website

Doorway Pages: Pages that are created just for gaining popularity over search engine, these offer no navigation options to the browser can and only be found if someone happens upon them from a search query.

Quick Checklist for Over Optimized Website

  • Over optimized title tags
  • Ugly site design
  • Doorway Pages
  • Weak/ Low Quality content
  • Low Relevancy
  • Keyword-rich internal links
  • Domain name is keyword
  • Too similar Anchor texts
  • Too many redirects

Most of Google’s penalties are automatic, and once you remove the offending factors, the penalties will be automatically being cleared. This process may at least take a month, but at last the penalties will be removed. To increase up the process, you can also search for high quality, trusted sites which link to your site. This will give your site Trust Rank factors and help your site recover from Google Penalty quicker and more efficiently. It is helpful to look at Google’s webmaster guidelines also and have good amount of access to forums that provide assistance. In this manner, Google penalty can be avoided and ensure that the SEO process will run effectively.

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