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Jirah Networks Inc – Pros and Cons of Flash Website Design

If you want Flash on your website, you might want to read it. Flash has certain advantages and serious deficiencies. Do you want to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages before the entire web site using flash. Find out whether the Flash works for you and your Website or not.

If at any time has been spent on the Internet, then you’ve seen flash websites that really distinguish and leave amazed. Text flickering, flowing shapes dance and move around the Textual content, streaming workflow forms whizzes by and change across the screen, and each activity Rabbit makes a different reaction from the Web site. This is the amazing power of view Adobe Flash.

Firstly, is not search engine friendly? Just as browsers, search engines view Flash sites as one page. It also does not identify the text within images because it is not written in standard HTML coding. This does not mean that the search engines cannot index all the pages of the site, even unable to index the information located on the home page.

In the absence of flash applications and Web sites may be very high bandwidth, they can also be user to download, especially since in most cases the whole app in General is slow in the buffer before use.

The back button does not work. Browsers, view the entire Flash website on one page. So, when users press the back button, they are usually sent back to what they were viewing before they flash website they were watching before they joined the display website.

In General, it is difficult to say whether flash is good for wanting out of the Web site or bad-for editing and indexing from search engines. It depends on the individual situation, the owner of the Web site, finds himself in to figure out whether the Flash is a good fit for the Web site or not, you must weigh the pros and cons and then compare them on the basis of the situation and needs. Even Google recommends only using Flash only where its needed.

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