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Google’s @MattCutts Confirms Panda Coming Up 15 March 2013

!!Link Networks Beware!!

According to a Search Engine Journal, Cutts said that the new data refresh is rolling out – Friday, March 15, 2013.

Google webspam head Matt Cutts also confirms that they’ll be taking down 1-2 very large link networks in the coming weeks. Matt Cutts recommended using the “Fetch as Googlebot” tool to make sure that you’re seeing your site as Google is seeing it.

The first Panda algorithm was introduced on February 24, 2011. By this algorithm update sites with poor or duplicate content have been pushed back or say got vanished from top search pages. The motive behind this algorithm update was to bring out the importance of Good and high quality content.

Matt Cutts Confirms Panda Update Coming This Friday

Matt Cutts Confirms Panda Update Coming This Friday

New Approach To SEO Post Panda and Penguin Update…

  • Target a Wider Range of Keywords
  • Avoid Poos site Engagement increase average time on site, per visit and reduce bounce rates..Title must still be optimizied
  • Page Load time are imporant to users and ranking
  • Keyword Density Not Overly Important
  • and a more Semantic Web.
  • Generate Highly Creative sharable content
  • High Quality guest blogging with social signals

There are several sites reporting the update, including Search Engine Journal,  WebProNews many more.

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