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Video: Matt Cutts On Does Googlebot care about valid HTML?

Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts have released a new video which is the reply of the question “Does Googlebot care about valid HTML?”

And the questioned is mentioned below …

Does the crawler really care about valid HTML? Validating gives me 23 errors, 4 warning(s), Bangalore

Here is the video for you all to watch:

Video Transcription

So there are plenty of reasons to valid HTML in pay attention to you html and make sure its very clean and their validates and makes more painable and make easier whenever you wanna upgrade and much better like after somebody else is a lot a good reason to do it and the same time..

Cutts Said, people sometime writes mistakenly code, so Google don’t penalize them if you have valid HTML would be huge number of web-pages likes that and some people lots of mistakes which affect our guidelines

As a SEO Expert my advice to you all webmasters …don’t think that you’re ranking is affected by  W3C Validation Error write as a high quality content you can.

To further the point, below are a few websites I’ve looked up using the official W3C Validation Tool, and the number of errors that come up as a result.

  • Facebook 31 errors – 4 warnings
  • Twitter 15 errors – 3 warnings
  • LinkedIn 42 errors – 2 warnings
  • Google 23 errors – 4 warnings
  • Microsoft 515 errors – 487 warnings
  • EBay 427 errors – 4 warnings
  • Technorati – 31 errors – 36 warnings

Checked with reference to the documents mentioned below…

I saw this news on Matt Cutts on Twitter and then “SHARE” it on Google+…I received excellent information,  he explained this point very well….!!

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