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SEO – Keyword Analysis Research

A Keyword research is a first phase towards promoting your website. Implementing the correct keywords and keyword phrases is essential in well targeting your customer base. Generally keywords terms which are appropriate to the location, brand and the products and services which your website offers? Website owners need to take in order to ensure an increase in relevant visitors and positive ROI.

Where to Use Keywords in Search Engine Optimization Activity:

  1. On-Page Activity Included in Meta Keywords Tag (), Title and Description (), Image names (<img src=”url” alt=” Image names, “/>), URL (Link text)
  1. Off-Page Activity Embedded in Blog, Press Release, Web Directories, Articles, knol submission and must be used in anchor text of the back links to the website pages.

Keyword Research Analysis Services

  • Develop new keyword Phrases
  • Individual Page Keyword Research
  • Analysis  competitors’ Keyword Phrases
  • Product and Brand Specific Keywords
  • Region Specific Keyword Research

There are various advantages of Keyword Analysis Research:

  • Improve the Web Presence
  •  Increase Targeted Traffic
  • Improved Search Ranking
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