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Google Map New Feature Help You To Find Your Vehicle In Car Parking

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A small update has been made in Google Maps. Google has brought a new feature for iOS and Android users. This feature has been brought to save the parking location. The company said in a statement that “some say it’s about the journey, not the destination” but we have to think that it is about both. Google Maps for Android and iOS will not help you to go where you have to go, but it will remind you where you have parked

In this post, we are going to tell you how you can use this feature of Google on your smartphone.

How To Use Google Maps Parking Location Save-on Feature:

Step 1: After reaching your destination, open Google Maps >> tap on the blue dot >> then click ‘Save Your Parking’ to save your parking location on the map.
Step 2: Tap on the label to open your parking card, where you can provide other information related to your parking spots. Users can add notes like “Level 2, spot 57”, in which you can also save the image of your parking spots and can also send the parking location to your friends.

How will this work?

To send the location, users first need to go to the menu option on the sidebar in Google Maps. After this, by selecting the “Share Location” option, send the location to the contact number you want to send the location to. According to the company, new updates will soon be available for Android and iOS mobile users. However, the company has not yet set any date for its launch.

After sharing the location, your friend will see a small face icon on the Google Maps app, so that your friend will know where you are going. Just like the holes in Ola or Uber Cabs track. A small icon above the compass built in the Google Maps app will remind you how long the user’s location has been shared. However, if you want, you can stop the location share even before time. Your friends will not be able to track you after closing.

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[Pigeon] The New Algorithm of Google Local Search

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm (Pigeon)

Barry Schwartz is the News Editor Search Engine Land, Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines. This post originally appeared on Search Engine Land.

Google launched last week a new algorithm to address more specific and relevant local searches. Little information has yet filtered through this new system which is still running in the United States …

The new algorithm has not been officially announced by Google and was born without a name, being named “Pigeon Update by the website Search Engine Land, a sort of unofficial spokesman for Google in relation to news and information about SEO and Marketing search in general.

The Pigeon Update aims to improve local searches, making them more relevant and accurate, and are much closer to the traditional organic search ranking factors, both being visible in Google Maps results as in the natural results.

Local Search

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