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Google Authorship Is Now Closed!

Time to Say Bye-Bye, Authorship

John Mueller, webmaster trends analyst at Google announced in a Google+ post: the search engine will no longer take into account the tag rel =author and attributed it to date. The news came as a surprise to one: that proposed by the Google functionality seemed consistent to improve the relevance and significance of the results but more importantly, allowed to highlight its social network Google +.

According to Mueller, Authorship has failed to prove its effectiveness and does not really increase the traffic of a website. It also does not affect the number of clicks on advertisements.different opinions on this change.

Now that Google has removed authorship from search results what are the impacts on SEO? This article by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land explains the difference between authorship and author rank.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Authorship was the inclusion of author photos, names and Google+ details in Google search results
  • Author Rank is the potential boosting of ranking for stories by trustworthy authors
  • Google is likely to be looking at bylines (e.g. “Post by Benjamin Mangold”) moving forward to determine author rank
  • You might want to continue to use authorship markup (e.g. rel=”Author”) to tell Google about the authors of your blog posts 

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