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New Google Toolbar PageRank Update – 6th December 2013

Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013

Google Page Rank Update 6 December 2013

I noticed that today was a PR update! From 1 to 2. It’s been a long time that Google team has updated their popular Google Page Rank algorithm. The previous PageRank update was done in 4 Feburary 2013 and generally happens every few several weeks or so.

I have checked some websites of mine and some of the competitors and this is definitely a Page Rank update. Some of mine gone up 1 point from PR 1 to PR 2 some went from PR 1 to PR 2.

But I am still satisfied that most of sites have excellent good Page rank.. . I’m sure next time araghu.wordpress.com will get at least PR 3 or 4. As you would expect, some sites are going up, and some are going down, but in both cases, webmasters are noticing.

No PR Update for 2013?:

UPDATE – Matt Cutts of Google recently said this to @NielsBoschh on Twitter. Google Toolbar Pagerank, might indeed be finished – at least, this year. Matt Cutts said he would be surprised to see an update happen before 2014.

Google Page Rank History –

Confirmed PR Update – 6th December 2013
Confirmed PR Update – 4th February 2013
Confirmed PR Update – 7 November 2011
Confirmed PR Update Ist Week August 2011
Confirmed PR Update Toolbar Pagerank Update – JULY 2011
Confirmed PR update Toolbar Pagerank Update – JUNE 2011
Confirmed Network Wide Toolbar Pagerank Update – JANUARY 2011
Confirmed Network Wide Toolbar Pagerank Update April 2010
Confirmed Network Wide – Dec 31, 2009
Confirmed Network Wide – 30 October 2009
Confirmed Network Wide 27/28 May 2009 – Google PR Update?
Confirmed – 1 / 2 April 2009 – Google Pagerank Update 2009
Confirmed – 30-31 December 2008
Confirmed – 27 September 2008
Confirmed – 26 July 2008
Confirmed – 29 April 2008
Confirmed – 9,10,11,12 January 2008
Confirmed – 26 October 2007
Confirmed – 28 April 2007

A video from Google’s Matt Cutts, the head of search spam team. He explains how frequently page rank updates occur & how often you will see updated values in the pagerank toolbar.

Consider the following expected dates for PR update. Check your page rank now here!
  • 6th December , 2013 – 2 March, 2013 – Arrived
  • 28 February, 2013 – 2 March, 2013
  • 3 June, 2013 – 10 July, 2013
  • 30 October, 2013 – 2 November, 2013

Here is a historic data of latest Page Rank Updates done by Google: Google PR Updates Dates List.


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