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New Google Panda 26 Update Official Confirmed!

!!Google “Panda” Is On The Attack!!

Update: Google confirmed there is a Panda update going out now that is “more finely targeted.” Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Roundtable noticed people at WebmasterWorld talking about.

They updated it in Panda # 25 March 15 2013 and now they’ve updated it again. Some sites are going up & some are going down, but in both cases webmaster are noticing.

Google confirms panda update #26 is rolling out this one is + finely targeted

Google confirms panda update is rolling out this one is + finely targeted

Google Panda Update Overview – 

Reported by Google’s official blog post when Panda launched.

Within the most recent months, Google have made a considerable change on the way they categorize websites with their search engines.It is actually referred to as Google Panda. This update is intended to minimize ranking for low quality websites that are just not so useful. Simultaneously, it is going to deliver better positions for top quality websites for the unique content. Here are all the releases so far for Panda:

History of Google Panda Updates (Google Panda Refresh):

Panda #26 on July 18th Panda #25 on March 15th
Panda #23 on Decembar 21th Panda #24 on January 22th
Panda #22 on November 21th Panda #21 on November 5th
Panda #20 on September 27th Panda 3.9.2 on September 18th
Panda 3.9.1 on August 20th Panda 3.9 on July 24th
Panda 3.8 on June 25th Panda 3.7 on June 9th
Panda 3.6 on April 27th Panda 3.5 on April 19th
Panda 3.4 on March 23rd Panda 3.3 on about February 26th
Panda 3.2 on about January 15th Panda 3.1 on November 18th
Panda 2.5.3 on October 19/20th Panda 2.5.2 on October 13th
Panda 2.5.1 on October 9th Panda 2.5 on September 28th
Panda 2.4 in August Panda 2.3 on around July 22nd
Panda 2.2 on June 18th Panda 2.1 on May 9th
Panda 2.0 on April 11th Panda 1.0 on February 24th

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