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Exploring 8 SEO Myths You Should Understand

1. SEO is a onetime Strategy: Search Engine Optimization is not a onetime activity; it is a continuous process as website’s search engine performance

8 SEO Myths You Should Understand

SEO Myths You Should Understand

needs regular attention. SEO can never be completed. If you want to see your web pages individually rank in search engine you constantly need to work on its on-page and off-page strategies like Articles, Blogs etc. regularly to get rank well. It’s not onetime task to perform, continuous efforts are leveraged to keep your website live over the search engine.

2. SEO is all about building Links: More Links = Better Ranking: In all recent Google Algorithm, it mainly focused more on quality backlinks rather than quantity. Incoming links from reputable sites is the best thing you can do for your site’s performance; relevancy and quality of links pointing to your site are more valuable and important. Low quality and spam links contains no factor and may result in penalization of site. Having high quality links and related to your product or service is more effective.

3. High Pagerank = Better Search Engine Ranking: Many times people are of the belief that the more the page rank better search engine ranking, perhaps, page rank is just a factor that Google considers when ranking the site. High ranking not only depends on pagerank factors it depends on other factors as well like relevancy, content and good linking strategy etc. So put that same effort in other SEO factors also to enhance website performance.

4. PPC boosts organic result: Both PPC and organic result are different and have their independent importance. PPC does not have any impact in organic ranking as they both are entirely different. PPC increases your business but have no relevancy with organic search results because paid results are different from organic result.

5. Submitting URL to Search Engine: Again there is a belief that submitting URL to search engine is the step to rank well. Your website will automatically get indexed in search engine if it has high quality incoming links. To increase up the rank graph simply build more incoming link. Inclusion in search engines is free and usually automated. Google very often finds and indexes your website as a result of visiting a link contained on another web page (backlinks). Moreover fast indexing of site requires relevant links, content and effective use of keywords.

6. Sitemap.xml will help boost ranking: Sitemaps are very important both for user and search engine as they help in easy navigation of the links and for better understanding of website. But they never help in increasing rank, because it is basically used for crawlers and users to help in understanding site structure and easy go navigation. However, it is best practice to use sitemap in your website.

7. Meta tag description helps your ranking: Meta tag helps search engine to easy understand that what a web page is about, but they do not help much in ranking factor. Meta tags encompass the text which is displayed within your link in search results. They are simply a chance to attract user to your website through stand out description. Including a unique and keyword-rich title and description on each page of a website will help the site rank better in organic search results for those terms.

8. Great Content= Great Rank: Though your website contains good quality content but until you promote or market yourself well to get the attention it deserves. You NEED to perform some efforts to get noticed by search engines. Good content is necessary, but you need to optimize your site as well for your content to get noticed and ranked accordingly and get maximum results. As undoubting fact “Content is King” is absolutely correct but without optimization it has no significance.

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