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Amazing Link Building Strategies During Panda & Penguin

Effective Link Building StrategyIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Online Marketing activity, backlinks are the prestigious and most powerful asset. Building natural links helps to brings websites on top of the SERPs. But with the change in time, Search Engine keeps on updating the Algorithms to avoid Spam Links and to push back low quality link sites. Therefore, it’s important to continually engage in smart link building strategies that are bound to yield positive results. Some of the highly effective Link building Strategies are:

Quality Content Is Still King: Unique content is the key for impactful and effective link building. If you build links but your content is not fresh and unique it doesn’t have any value. But on the other if your content provides value, you’ll gain natural links from other sites and no algorithm can beat that. Remember “Content is King” so never adapt duplicate and scrap content for link building Strategy. Avoid below content creation for the website:

  • Duplicate content with just keywords changed.
  • Stuffed keywords without minding the normal keyword density and whether they fit the context.
  • Meaningless or diverting content that does not help reader and do not offer relevant information to their queries.

Interlinking: The easiest strategy to implement quality link is interlinking which refers to link within the site. You have pages and posts on your website, so make the most of them to enhance your link profile and add value to your site or blog. It also helps in gaining authority on SERP and becomes easier for spiders to catch for new content. This is a great way to build organic links and provide more information to your audience.

Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is the most reliable and authentic way to make one way dofollow backlink. The only thing you need is to write up quality content and posting them on other blogs it’s the most favorite backlinking strategy of the search engines. You can find high PR blogs that prefer guest blogging. All in all, guest blogging is a very good way to build some backlinks for your blog. Usually when you drop a guest post on a blog, you will be allowed at least two links pointing back to your website; theses links are the one of the easiest and safest back links you can ever have pointing to your blog.

Importance of Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Online Business

Directory Submission: Directory submissions have always been a great way to build links and still are pretty important. Look for free quality directories that facilitate one-way link building and submit your website in order to get a link.

Social Bookmarking: Another popular way to build effective backlinks is the Social Bookmarking. Make sure you provide quality and original content to the top Bookmarking Sites like:

  • Delicious
  • Stumble Upon
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Tumblr

Leverage Social Media: Social Networking is the best platform to as it helps in earning links, boost your traffic, creating brand awareness and enhancing your reputation. Make use of top social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus etc. as these are the best places used to publicize your website. Although it do not help in improving your page rank, but aids in building new contacts and links.

Engage in Conversations: Whenever you find content or blog relevant with your Niche then participate in the conversation with the author and other readers via Comments. Look up for websites in your niche, and leave fresh, useful and informative comments. As you leave comment you are creating a new backlink to your site.

Profile Links: Being registered on the sites that have high domain authority and Page rank also adds links builds authority and trust of your site. Building profile links is one of the most effective ways to drive qualified traffic to your website and boost your popularity on the Internet.3

Blog Commenting: By far one of the proven methods of effective link building. Search out for blogs with a good amount of readers, great content and dofollow comment links. Leave a comment on that blog with keywords along with your real name and your Blog URL. And you can comment on other high PR do-follow blogs to build some quick backlinks too.

Link Building Tips:

  • Do not build links too fast.
  • Use different and varied Keywords.
  • Vary your linked Pages.
  • Build Natural and Quality Links
  • Focus on Quality not Quantity
  • Diversify Your Anchor Texts

Building backlinks is a must if you want your website to generate profits for you in terms of traffic as well as money. Building links on high quality sites, blogs etc are most efficient and effective for better ranking. The 3 essential things when building links to niche sites is link diversity, link relevancy, and the domain authority of the links so be more focused on High PR sites.

Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. Thanks and have an amazing day!

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