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Social Media Enhances SEO – Encourage the Mashup

Social media optimization (SMO) is relatively new and is equally important as SEO. The concept behind Social Media Optimization

Social Media Enhances SEO Mashup

Encourage the Mashup

is to optimize website so that it is more easily linked, more visible in social media searches. The area we focus on is online Communities, Social networking platforms forums to increase visibility. Social Media Optimization in essence, is growing up and hitting the big time at several recent events on web marketing. As we involve SMO as a part of Internet marketing strategy, it establishes and strengthens our brand appeal.

With social media optimization, we increase brand awareness, leads, sales and traffic, also can gain more followers on social media sites. If you’re optimizing a website in order to rank higher, you can’t ignore social media, as it increases your backlinks and content mentions. By updating your business latest advertisements campaign and trends on social media platform you cover new audience and build a new market. Combining search engine optimization and social media optimization will deliver targeted results for your website.

  • Facebook – Interacting with your customers and encourage them to share their testimonials and share them with their friends.
  • Twitter – Keep your customers up-to-date with your deals, new blog posts, and Current news.
  • LinkedIn – Communicate with other businesses and highlight your professional associations.
  • Google+ – Keep your followers in the loop and spread your brand awareness and products.
  • Pinterest – Depending on your business, you may want to try this trendy new site that allows visitors to clip your photos/images and pin them.



  • Bookmarking and tagging:  Create new exciting interesting content on hand that people will want to bookmark, link to retweet, stumble etc. Make it easy accessible for visitors to find your content. Once they find it you will have a better possibility of gaining traffic and sharing it with others.



  • Make your ContentTravel: If you want to optimize your Social Media existence then, outstanding content rules here. Content should be highly standardized, unique and most important different from other competitors.Make it easy and shareable on social media sites.
  • Encourage the Mashup: Sharing and syndicating content through RSS helps in driving traffic. Creating YouTube videos that people will want to link to is great but makes sure YouTube videos should be social media friendly. The best way to optimize your content for the social media platform is to let others take a piece of your published content and use it for their own means.

Benefits You Get Through SMO:

  • Reach Masses of online users.
  • Market business product and services.
  • Brand Building and Awareness.
  • Satisfied customers will recommend your services and help share your brand and services.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Create fans and followers.
  • Helps to your target audience.
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    August 23, 2012 at 8:06 am

    very good & interesting facts.

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