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The Benefits of Rel=Author Tag to your Website

The rel=author tag has been around for years and is used by Google to rank contents, also helps in determining the authenticity of the


Implement rel=”author”

content by verifying that it is written by an individual who has credible authority. Inserting the Author tag you’re telling Google that you’re the author of the article, and also link it to your Google+ profile and also you need to add HTML tag to your site. Linking your Google+ account to your website also provides your image next to your blog on Google’s SERP.

If you have used the rel=author tag, every time your content shows up in Google Search, your image and Google+ profile will also be displayed along with it; and a link to the rest of your written articles is also displayed.

The Benefits of Rel=Author Tag To your Website’s SEO Performance

The author tag has been adapted by Google to rank content followed by algorithm that is called AuthorRank.

The rel=author tag is already used by Google to help their search users ,find more relevant contents by prioritizing published articles which  have author tag.  The other biggest benefit of the rel=author tag is to increase your website’s search engine optimization performance.

Implementing author tag across all your website’s contents can boost its ranking in Google Search.  Apart from that, as your contents are already verified by Google, it also increases the trust of your readers.

Now, if we add the attribute rel=”author” to the anchor tag, the link looks like this:

Alok Raghuwanshi on Google+

Factors for adding Author Tag:

  • You are authentic author of the article: Google will recognize you as a real author by linking article with your profile page. It also helps to differentiate between the real authorized person and the spammer. Google adapts this method to discover the authenticate author.
  • Provides Credibility and Coverage: Since you are the only authorized person so credit for the article comes to you, in terms of coverage it shows about how many people have circled you on Google+ and also clicking on link provides information about you from Google+ profile. So one or other way it also helps in making your network strong.
  • Impactful Content: Stand Out content often catches the attention of the readers. Good and High quality content grab readers. Reading lovers search for the results which includes result with author name, picture.


The author tag takes a bit time to make, if you want to add extra ordinary factor to your content then make use of Author Tag. If not, you may have to face the problems of scrapers beat your content and then it becomes difficult to make your presence online.


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