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How to Find Your SEO Competitor – 2012 Edition

If you want to be one step ahead while performing Search Engine optimization for your business it is necessary to keep an eye on the

Find your SEO Competitor

Beat Online Business Competitor

competitors. Before starting your program, it is important to first know about your online competitors and their marketing strategies. This analysis will help us to make out their strengths and identify their weakness so that you can gain the advantage.  Lots of competitors are available; here you should be very selective to who to focus. Primarily, prefer those who rank well for your targeted keywords. Here are some steps through which you can successfully analyze your SEO competition.

Find your SEO Competitor: To figure out your real competitor is a tough job as you have no idea where your competitor but make sure you find out competitive websites and figure them out. Hunt for the competitor, who is relevant with your niche, sites which have best ranking either for keywords or long tail keywords.

Analyze for Keywords: Keywords have effective role in SEO, study competitor target keywords and make a list of them one by one. You should be aware of the keyword for which competitor has gained high ranking in SERPs. Check if competitors utilize the keywords properly or just they are bound to be ranking well in the search engines.

Cover All SEO Factors: Look for whether their website is search engine friendly or not, check domain age, proper navigation, sitemap, check keyword density, internal external links, and page rank, static and dynamic URL’s. Also look for the content in their website as they have good quality content or duplicate. This basic inspection will help you to figure out where actually your website stands.

Check Competitor back links: Back links play a strong role in SEO ranking so thoroughly study backlinks of the competitor. Look at the number of links, the anchor text they are connected and also examine from where these links are coming from.

Evaluate their Social Media Presence: Social Media is big platform to drive traffic for your website. Check your competitor performance on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter; you tube as these are main source of generating traffic to the website. By observing your SEO Competitor here you can watch their activities and see their social presence.

The bottom line is these things are not that hard to implement, as every SEO Expert look for these basic factors to locate their website stand position. Analysis your SEO Competitor simply makes you aware of your competitors and will give you a better understanding of what you’re up against, and may even provide ideas for your website Search Engine Optimization. So you can now Hire Professional SEO Expert to create a strong online presence to your SEO Campaign.

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