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Real Time Strategy for Online Video Marketing By Hiring Professional SEO Expert

Video is becoming a primary part of SEO which is termed as VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) for video optimization just having good content is not enough, although it is considered as the ladder to video optimization success. But on the other side we are fairly aware of the fact that Google do not read Images, Videos or Flash content then how video can help in increasing website traffic. Bearing these factors in mind it trusts depends upon Meta data, links or Anchor text within the video to verify what the video consists of.

Having a video optimization strategy is essential before you even begin posting your videos online. Follow the strategy to optimize your video which increase your search engine visibility

  • Optimize with keywords: Do keyword research which easily defines your Meta data present in the video. Make more use of keywords in Tags, URL, Anchor Text, Filename etc. Also provide description of the video including the optimized keywords into it. Use Google keyword research tool to find relevancy and most popular keywords.
  • Select a relevant Title and Description: When coming to title creation, make use of Keywords and brand info and try to make it catchy and related to description. Add core keywords in the body description and also provide relevant links.

  • Implement a linking strategy: Cross linking helps a lot i.e., building internal and external links is important factor for video optimization. Linking includes
  1. Provide links to videos from related WebPages
  2. Link to video in personal Blogs, Social Media platform like Face book, Twitter etc.
  3. Embedding option is also a good way to getting inbound links

According to araghu.wordpress.com, the growth of online video has been quite explosive…

Site (June 2012)

Unique Visitors (1000s)

Year-over-year growth




Google Video



AOL Video



Yahoo! Video






  • Submit Video to Multiple Sources: To gain great exposure for video content makes sure that you submit your video to multiple video platforms. Do not restrict yourself to YouTube or other. Go on with uploading Videos to reputable and Niche sites. While uploading you have to enter Meta tags, which includes your Title, Description and Keywords.
  • Provide Video Sitemap: The most effective way to make your video readable to search Engine is to create video Sitemap, this let Google to easily identify rich content Video. Video sitemap covers web pages that embed video, player URL for video etc.

  • Provide thumbnail URL: Utilize thumbnails which help users to decide which video to watch. Through thumbnails users gets a snapshot and through it, they can easily decide which video to watch which is time consuming and effective too. The thumbnail image makes video more interesting and increases the chance that people will watch it.

The bottom line is that online video is best way to expand your reach, drive traffic to your site, and increase sales. Adapting Good Video Optimization techniques can bring you up to the Top results.  The best way to optimize your Video content is to think about the user whom you want to target with your video. Don’t be eager to just post a video for the sake of posting it; consider your audience, their needs and language.

Alok Raghuwanshi is an India-based SEO Professional, and author of an SEO and social media marketing blog. Take a look and let me know what you think by including your comment below. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Thank you and have a great day.

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